Dorspec, Doha, Qatar

About Us

Dorspec was founded with the goal of supplying and maintaining automated security devices for entrance points. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of sliding doors, parking barriers, garage doors, and rolling shutters. Our selection of automated doors and overhead section doors has propelled us to the forefront of the industry.

Hundreds of commercial buildings, residential bungalows, hotels, hostels, malls, and industrial parks have chosen us as their preferred supplier. The firm has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality traffic barriers and parking gates. 

We provide our clients with a wide range of services, from selection to installation, through direct client-company communication. Our experience spanning many years is what sets us apart for our consumers. We are a group of experts with extensive understanding of smart entry equipment and traffic control systems. From design through implementation, our staff delivers exceptional client assistance and feedback. Our staff evaluates the property and determines the client's unique requirements. We supply high-quality doors and shutters based on the premises and entrance point. 

Installation and integration are completed in a timely manner that is convenient for the customer. Our pleasant crew arrives at the unit as needed for maintenance and repairs. We are equally concerned with timely repair since we understand the value of doors in your properties.


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Our Vision

In the approaching years, the Dorspec team envisions dominating the market with revolutionary goods. We wish to make our automated doors and door repair services as low as possible, given our continued supremacy in the industry.

As a producer of automatic garage shutters and doors, we strive to provide modern and smart solutions for home, garage, factory, and mall entrances. We also endeavor to provide the most innovative goods to improve the products' security and traffic control capabilities. We want to broaden our horizons and make our goods available to a wide number of offices and households. We are the first firm to incorporate and deploy newer technology into our products as they become available. Our extensive knowledge of security systems has grown as a result of our extensive experience

Our Mission