Dorspec, Doha, Qatar




Dorspec service will save you time, money, and resources as your end-to-end door solution supplier. Dorspec are intended to make maintenance easier. We do this by developing doors that are durable, resilient, and require less maintenance. 


Dorspec maintains a team of field engineers that can react to your call and provide a competent and timely response for routine inspections, service, and door repairs.


We provide Annual Maintenance contracts to ensure the long life and optimal exploitation and maintenance of our products, allowing you to get the most out of your investment. 

In addition to Annual Maintenance contracts, we provide on-call support: When assistance/support is offered off-site by phone and is only accessible when needed. All you have to do is call our help desk and describe your issue. 

We provide a maintenance contract that includes: 

  • Four quarterly visits by a trained technician for AMC. 
  • All mechanical parts must be lubricated. 
  • Emergency and safety device testing. 
  • Hardware adjustment/alignment, such as rollers and hinges. 
  • Checking and cleaning gate tracks. 
  • Re-alignment of shutter slats and gates to eliminate dragging.